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This is a basic list of what a swimmer must bring:

  1. 1) Two large towels;
    2) Club clothing, at least a tee shirt;
    3) Two bathing caps;
    4) Two pairs of goggles and swimsuit;
    5) A pair of summer shoes, flip-flops, sandals or running shoes. This is a must-have. Why? We lose a lot of heat through our feet, for a start. A swimmer must be warm to race well. Second: The poolside is dirty and full of viruses and bacteria, so use pool deck shoes.
    6) Water bottle / water bottle and WATER, not sports drinks. Not juice. WATER J

Now for the food:

NO CANDY. Never ever candy. Sweets are not food. No milk, no yoghurt, cheese as little as possible. Dairy products are not good until AFTER a competition. No soft drinks, even if it's light products. No chips. No junk food.

3-4 small tubs of pasta salad. One big tub, with enough to feed a whole family,
only leads to overeating, or eating because the swimmer is bored. You MUST be a
little bit hungry before a race. Full stomachs make swimmers slow. Use only a small bit dressing, just enough to make it a little wet.

4-5 pieces of fruit. 3-4 juice boxes, with pure juice, apple juice is better than orange juice. Never EVER a sports drink or recovery drinks. They are made for adults who have bodies that are fully grown and mature. Those we have none of our club (except our masters!).

Vegetables: carrots, small tomatoes, cucumbers are all good to bring. Put
them into small bags of 5-6 pieces each. 3-4 small bags in total.

5-6 pieces of bread. No, muesli-bar is not good until after. No, swimmers should not have muesli-bar their lunch box, not unless the bar has been made at home. No cakes. Read the ingredient list on the package. If the sugar is named as one of the first three ingredients, then it should not be eaten DURING a competition.

Now something special: If a swimmer is OVER the age of 13-14, then bringing some chocolate covered raisons and eating 5-6 before a race is a GOOD thing to do. Chocolate, especially dark chocolate, provides an effect similar to endorphins, the “feel good” hormone. The tiny bit of mostly natural sugar in raisons is also good psychologically for youth athletes.

At the end of the day of competition, Nutella in tortilla wraps, all rolled up, is a great treat. So is ice cream! But both are ONLY treats, not regular food for young athletes.

Easy, no-bake, no refined sugar muesli bar recipe: http://minimalistbaker.com/healthy-5-ingredient-granola-bars/



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